Why Game?
Learning by playing and introduction of element of fun helps in deepening understanding of the context, which is an interesting adaptation of Gagne’s prescription for enhancing and retaining knowledge. ZMQ has been a pioneer in using social games and edutainment components through messaging to enhance learning, retain knowledge and bring in a behaviour change.

Social messaging has been extremely powerful medium to convey messages as it provides a social context to game-play. During the game-play, the users face challenges and solve problems using a variety of tools as they make their way through the simulations. This helps to stimulate thinking beyond the traditional boundaries. In addition to this, it involves users in active exploration and testing relationships; which enable users to immediately see the effects of their actions, thus this instant feedback reinforces social learning. Social gaming is also one of the preferred modes to address the youth.

Why Mobile?

Mobile is a social device and most prevalent tool in the hands of a common man all over the world. It is the device of the future, whether it is communication, education, gaming or information. As the devices are gaining strength, there is a simultaneous gain in scope. Today many people are using mobile devices for various needs, whether it’s children or adults, rural or urban population. It is an ideal tool to address any social problem, whether it’s climate change or health, and education or livelihood generation.
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