An Interactive Game on Climate Change Awareness
The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 - COP15, is being hosted by Denmark in Copenhagen in December this year. The Danish government's goal for COP15 is to establish an ambitious global climate agreement which will apply to the period after 2012. The agreement aims to include as many countries as possible, and pledge towards reduction in man-made greenhouse gases which have a negative effect on our climate system.

The conference is an opportunity to show the rest of the world what Denmark, one of the most energy efficient countries in the EU, has achieved - a stable energy consumption during the last 25 years despite a 75 percent increase in GDP. In the preparation towards COP15, Denmark is collaborating in various programs in different countries to create awareness for reduction in greenhouse gases.

The game "Copenhagen Challenge" is one such initiative which aims to create awareness among school children and youth on issues related to climate change - renewable energy, energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gases.Download the English and Hindi versions of "Copenhagen Challenge" game from the links below. Install it on your desktop, play the interesting game, and learn more about Climate Change and related issues.
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